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Principles of Marketing
The creative process is led and inspired by many factors including marketing objectives, advertising objectives, creative strategy, and brand positioning. Just as line, shape, unity, balance and color are the elements of design, information, research, planning, insight and intuition are the elements of marketing strategy.

Information fuels the imagination and creates a synergy where numbers, words, ideas and images are illuminated through design to create a more meaningful and memorable message. Alternative Designs makes your plans FLY.

    The Value of Setting Up Objectives: Sharing the Vision
    • Communicate with Alternative Designss
    • Each team has goals and plans
    • Planning and Decision Making—Clear objectives keep all focused
    • Measurable for Evaluation

    Marketing Objective:
      A statement of what can be accomplished by overall marketing objective to...

      • Increase Sales Volume
      • Increase Market Share
      • Increase Return on Investment
      • Increase Profit

    Sample Marketing Objective:
      Our Marketing Objective is to increase sales by 10% in the small business segment of the market
      during the next 12 months.

    Advertising Objective:
      A statement explaining purpose and role of advertising campaign to...

      • Induce Trial (new)
      • Increase Trial (extend line)
      • Increase Repeat
      • Sustain Preference
      • Confirm Brand Equity or Essence
      • Build Line Acceptance
      • Increase Awareness
      • Change Habits

    Sample Advertising Objective:
      Our Advertising Objective is to induce new trial by 4% in suburban and rural segments of the market
      during the next 12 months.

    Advertising & Marketing Objective Characteristics:

    • Quantitative (measurable)
    • Defined Target Audience
    • Defined Time Period