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Media Analysis

Radio media

      • Cost Per Thousand/Low CPM-Cheap tonnage
      • Reach Potential 60%
      • Geographic Flexibility - Excellent
      • Audience Selectivity - Excellent
      • Speed of Audience Accumulation - Good
      • Timing Flexibility - Excellent

    Radio Advantages
    • More people listen to radio than any other medium
    • Buy by Station Format
    • Network, Spot (by SMA), and Local
    • Rates are on day time slots
    • 6 - 10 am Morning Drive
    • 10 - 3 pm Daytime
    • 3 - 7 pm Afternoon Drive
    • 7 - Midnight Evening
    • Midnight - 6 am Night

Reasons to Use Radio

Radio done right conjures up personalized images in the mind of the consumer
Excellent support of total promotion with TV & Print


Radio is often done poorly. Most is badly written-be wary of humor.


Print media, newspapers, magazines, inserts,flyers, handouts.
    Print Media:

      • Cost Per Thousand Average dependent on mag. tonnage
      • Reach Potential Good
      • Geographic Flexibility Fair-can buy Tip-In with regional ed.
      • Audience Selectivity Excellent
      • Speed of Audience Accumulation Poor-minimum of 3 exposure advised
      • Timing Flexibility Poor-lead time 3-4 weeks

    Media Advantages
    • Color
    • Authority and Believability
    • Permanence
    • Prestige
    • Audience Selectivity excellent
    • Extensive Pass-Along Readership

Reasons to Use Print Meida

Print delivers reliably
Absorbed more thoughtfully
Great selectivity of audience


Do not enter Print Media without enough money to do it well.
Lack of immediacy

Recommended Magazines Circulation*
Reader's Digest11,044,694
TV Guide9,009,571
Better Homes and Gardens7,606,829
National Geographic6,602,650
Good Housekeeping4,758,893
Family Circle4,641,256
Women's Day4,279,375
Ladies Home Journal4,102,373
*Circulation totals from 2004


Urban media
    Out - of - Home Media:

      • Cost Per Thousand; Low, very efficient, lots of tonnage
      • Reach Potential; 95%-whole world
      • Geographic Flexibility; Excellent Reach
      • Audience Selectivity; Poor-anyone
      • Speed of Audience Accumulation; Fair
      • Timing Flexibility; Poor-lead time 3-4 weeks

    Out - of - Home Advantages

Bus, Train and Taxi Bus inside and exterior cardsAutomobile Wraps
Exterior Taxi cardsBus exteriors Traveling Billboard
Bus hangersBack Attack Point-of-Purchase
Super Tail MuralHotel Keys
Gas Station pumpsSuper TailPopcorn Bags
Mural Full WrapTheater Ads
Transit Shelters Shelter PosterAnimated Taxi-Tops
BenchProduct PlacementRestroom Ads
Backs of Boxes Advertising in TV showsBuilding Walls
Roof Top Ads Sports Arena Ads Airline Trays/Baggage Racks
Internet Adver-GamesBanners and Pop-UpsAirport Signage


Must be appropriate to target audience and marketing strategy.


television media

      • Cost Per Thousand; Average efficiency- mass tonnage
      • Reach Potential; Up to 90% Reach
      • Geographic Flexibility; Excellent
      • Audience Selectivity; Fair (mass audience)
      • Speed of Audience Accumulation; Excellent
      • Timing Flexibility; Good to OK

    Broadcast Advantages
    • More people listen to radio than any other medium
    • Mass Coverage-Tonnage
    • CPM Low
    • High Impact
    • Prestige

    Broadcast Admonitions

    High production costs
    Little target audience selectivity

    Cable Advantages

    • Audience Selectivity excellent
    • Audience demographics-good info available
    • Cost is Low

    Cable Admonitions

    Limited Reach
    Fragmented Targeting-geographically limited or frag.
    Quality can be low on "regular cable"

        TV Audience Measurement
      • Neilsen Ratings
      • Defining TV Markets Areas
      • Designated Market Area (DMA)-geographical targeting Spot TV
      • Buy in Day Parts (time slots)

    Broadcast TV23%
    Consumer Magazines 7%
    Total Magazines 9%
    Internet 3%
    All Other 9%
    *Canvas percentages from 2004

    Increasingly Complex

    • Increasing Media Options
    • Fragmented
    • Cost Rising
    • Bundling Values Added TV Programming

    Media Strategy Admonitions

    • How objectives are achieved? (link)
    • What Media Vehicles are to be used and why?
    • Who is Target Audience and Why?
    • What is to be achieved? (spell out clear goals)
    • What is the Advertising Weight? -Ideally would be able to ascertain Gross Ratings Points (GRPs)
    • Evaluate Media on basis of Efficiency or CPM