Privacy Policy

Visitors to Alternative Designs web site are assured of their confidentiality and privacy. E-mail addresses of visitors and clients who contact us via their own dedicated email or our web form are not shared, distributed or sold.

Personal data is only kept for return communications and follow up contact with clients, or visitors who have specific inquiries. Data and information given to us is neither shared, distributed, nor sold to any entity for any purpose. Alternative Designs is not enjoined in any business relationship with any company or organization through which personal data could be passed.

Web tracking, via "Cookies" is not done by Alternative Designs. No cookies are sent or set by our server or through our web site. Post addresses and phone numbers are not given out to anyone for any purpose. If for any reason you have questions concerning the security and integrity of data and client information contact us immediately and we will address the situation appropriately.

Payment for services and materials are not refundable per agreement at the initial consultation. All materials: disks, electronic data, and paper media delivered to a client are considered non-returnable and receipt thereof is evidence of approval and agreement to pay any balance that is due for the project. Once a project is completed and delivered all agreed upon arrangements become final and due.

Alternative Designs works with clients to represent their best interests and will do everything possible to satisfy the requirements of the project. Any concerns should be addressed to the company immediately.

Thank you.